Jerry D. Goldstein, LLC

Art and Entertainment Legal and Management Services

An artist himself, Mr. Goldstein has always represented inventors, artists, musicians, and athletes. Mr. Goldstein has experience in film/TV production music licensing, social media, direct experience structuring, negotiating and drafting composer, performer, and featured artist agreements. He has negotiated artist agreements for contestants on major network reality television series. 

As counsel to composers and musicians who collectively have licensed hundreds of tracks to film and television, Jerry has an in depth knowledge of music copyright and the film/TV production process. 

Our firm has a practical knowledge of the music and technology industries. We encourage our clients to create content while we protect it.  
Photo by Eric Alexandrakis
ART LAW - Understanding the artist - dealer relationship and the fundamentals of art sales helps us counsel clients in protecting their work and making clear deals between artists and galleries.
PUBLISHING - Authors and creators have exclusive rights to reproduce their work, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, and perform copyrighted work publicly. Granting those rights to others is typically how an artist monetizes her work.
MUSIC - A music attorney does not only prepare or review contracts. A good attorney will register copyrights, negotiate publishing deals, recording agreements, management agreements, agreements with venues, licensing, and more.

CROWDFUNDING - What is crowd funding and crowd sourcing? Explore the pros and cons with competent professionals who have run successful campaigns.